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A warm welcome to our official website

Welcome to the official website of Gentle Touch International Schools, the school of wisdom and knowledge. A school created with the sole purpose of training leaders of tomorrow in moral and academic prospects. we try our best to train up children to have affinity for education and not only to survive in higher levels of education but also to be the best wherever they go

first Headteacher

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-- Mrs Williams

first Headteacher

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-- Mrs Blessing

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What we stand for

Our Vision

Our vision is to train up academic and moral stars who would be an epitome of light to their family, community and nation, children who would serve as an example to others and who would always be recognized as being honest, academic loving, creative, resourceful, polite and discipline. To produce proud patriots who would be the leaders of tomorrow without forgeting about the strugles of the people of today

Our Mission

To acheive our visions, we look for clever and creative ways to teach our students both academic and moral lessons, we try our best to teach them in a way that is fun but still manages to get the point we are trying to introduce fully. We also take time to review our information dissemination techniques in hopes of improving it one step at a time. We try our best to ensure condusive learning environment to preent unnecessary distractions

Our Core values

We deeply believe in the principles of love of our creator and ourselves, the principles of determination and hardwork in everything we do, that is in dissemination of moral and academic values to our pupils. We also believe in the principles of discipline, self control and anger management in everything we do. We also believe in the principles of equality of individuals and we believe in the principle of individual uniqueness

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